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First you run like a fool
Just to be at my side
And now you run like a fool
But you just run to hide
And I can’t abide

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30 Day Album Challenge

3. An album that reminds you of Fall

When the Pawn… - Fiona Apple (1999)

Yes, fall is the time of melancholy and nostalgia, it’s quite unavoidable. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, you know. But for me, it’s more like the time when you need to get yourself together and don’t let yourself drown in sadness. And that’s when Fiona comes to help. She has this confidence in her music that kind of holds you and although you’re sad you still remain afloat.

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I’m ALL the fishes in the sea

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I just want to feel everything

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"I don’t do that namedrop thing with celebrities I’m friends with. It’s really tacky! I feel like I’m selling something but I will tell you one person. No, come on. I swear I’ll do it! Fiona Apple. Yes, she’s a talented singer. We’ve been hanging out since 2001. We talk a lot so even though we get busy we never lose touch. I don’t live in California so finding time to actually go to dinner or grab a drink isn’t easy all the time. I have learned a real friendship can withstand anything, though. This isn’t a plug or something. Despite what you might think…[laughs]… I can tell you’re thinking it! It’s okay. A lot of those celebrity friendships DO exist for the wrong reasons. She’s seriously one of my best friends. I absolutely love her and will always be on her side.”
- Kerry Washington answering the question “who are your famous friends?” while promoting her movie ‘Fantastic Four’, 2005